LVS 7500 Thermal Printer Bar Code Verifier

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LVS9505 Flat Bed Verifier

What is the LVS® 7500 Thermal Printer Bar Code Verifier?
The LVS® 7500 is the latest in Vision technology offered by Label Vision Systems. This compact, high resolution camera system mounts to the face of any thermal printer and allows the user to accurately ISO grade any 1D & 2D barcode, perform Optical Character Verification on variable text data and pattern match for blemish or print defects.

The LVS® 7500 is the very best in print quality technology - Big camera power in a little box; designed specifically for thermal and thermal transfer printers.

ISO Verification:
The LVS® 7500 ISO Verification module verifies any combination of linear, matrix and stacked codes (including PDF-417, Micro PDF, Data Matrix ECC-200, RSS, Composite Codes, QR Code and others) to ISO Print Quality Standards. The barcodes can be in any orientation, with any number and mix of codes on a label, and as many labels across the web or form as required.

Unlike barcode validation, the ISO Verification module actually reads and analyzes the 1-D or 2-D symbol to published international specifications (i.e. ISO 15415, ISO 15416, and symbology specifications), and then gives that symbol an overall ISO (ANSI) grade based on those specifications.

Optical Character Verification (OCV):
The LVS® 7500 OCV module can verify human readable characters at point sizes as low as two printer points (a printer point is defined as 0.014” (0.36mm)). The LVS® 7500 series OCV module ensures that a string of sequential Alpha-numeric characters is read and/or verified against a known field or database.

The system can verify variable (ascending, descending or from a file) and fixed data. Since the system "knows" what the character in a given position should be, a quality threshold can be set and a failure reported if the chosen threshold is not achieved.

Ideal For:
. Sequential runs (ascending/descending)
. LOT / Expiry data
. Random Serialization
. Eye-readable / barcode matching

Blemish (Defect) Detection Module:
The LVS® 7500 Blemish Detection module (also known as Defect detection) is capable of detecting a multitude of print faults from: skew, smear, print registration, die-cut errors, edge determination, and missing information. LVS® has designed special algorithms to obtain high speeds and accuracy. These algorithms also include our special "variable data" function which accounts for variable data within a pattern-matching zone and does not report them as blemishes.

Standard Benefits:
As with all the individual sector analysis capabilities of the LVS® 7500, each module utilizes a user definable sensitivity bar. The sensitivity level can be set HIGH to detect slight variances. If a less sensitive setting is desired the operator can set the level lower to allow a moderate level of variance. Each sector allows variable control of the sensitivity and is set by the user as part of the set-up process.

As an option a typical LVS® 7500 system is quoted with an "alert response to faults discovered" in the form of a light tower and high/low output as required by your technical requirements to stop print, visual alert, audible alert, digital I/O output or relay to perform the desired action.

Ease of Use: Once set-up of a job is initially completed it only needs to be called up from a stored file for future runs of that format.

Security: Password protection secures the system from unauthorized changes. 21-CFR Part 11 Compliant Ready.

Reporting: All inspected sections and the results are date and time stamped and archived for use by the customer for analysis. All inspected data is stored in a CSV file for end user extraction in any format desired.

Other Key Benefits:
. Unlimited number of barcodes in the field of view
. Duplicate checking
. Field matching
. Barcode to human readable comparison and match
. Database Validation for Random Serialization


LVS 7500 Thermal Printer Bar Code Verifier

  • Supported Symbologies Supported Standards

    Code 39
    ITF (I 2 of 5)
    Code 128
    Code 93
    GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional
    GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional
    GS1 DataBar Limited
    GS1 DataBar Expanded
    GS1 DataBar Truncated
    GS1 DataBar Stacked
    GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked
    PDF 417
    MSI Plessey
    MicroPDF 417
    Laetus Pharmacode
    Composite Code CC-A
    Composite Code CC-B
    Composite Code CC-C
    DataMatrix (ECC-200)
    QR Code
    Micro QR Code

    ISO/IEC 15415:2000(E)
    ISO/IEC 15416:2000(E)
    ISO/IEC 15426-1:2000(E)
    ISO/IEC 15426-2:2004(E)

    GS1 General Specifications
    AS9132-A /AIM DPM Cat 0
    Laetus Pharmacode
    Laetus Standard
    Laetus Minuature Pharmacode
    ISO/IEC 15415/15416
    PZN (big, normal, small)
    Multi-Rotation Data Matrix
    Multi-Rotation QR Code
    GS1 Report
    Italian Pharmacode

    EAN/UPC & extended codes
    UCC/EAN with Supplementals
    GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional
    Data Matrix for Healthcare
    EAN/UPC with CC
    UCC/EAN-128 with CC
    RSS-14 with CC
    DataMatrix (ECC 200)

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