Your BaxTek Data Collection Solutions

BaxTek offers inventory management software solutions for your business. Consider us your source for bar code software, data collection products, and whatever else you need to structure your inventory management system. We can help you find the right asset tracking software that will fit into your inventory management solution. If you do bar code data collection, you're going to want to take a look at our bar code printing software and other inventory control management products.

Intellitrack Data Collection
Stockroom: IntelliTrack's StockRoom makes managing your stockroom or small stand-alone warehouse easy and efficient. Know who or what department consumed what. Track supplies and consumable inventories.
Check In-Out: Simplify the management of rotational and consumable inventory with IntelliTrack's Check In-Out. Easily check out and check in items to persons or entities. Track circulating inventory, tools, equipment and files.
Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, Picking (ISRP): ISRP is ideal for small to mid-sized warehouse operations. When a “Bigger WMS” is just too much, ISRP is just “Right”. The application is comprised of four fully integrated functions; Inventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking.  Control warehouse operations.
Fixed Assets: Make managing your valuable capital equipment quick and efficient with IntelliTrack's Fixed Assets. Know the location, condition, and “owner” of your capital assets. Track the location, maintenance and depreciation of fixed assets.
Package Track: Automate the receipt and delivery of parcels, packages and gain control of your mailroom operations with IntelliTrack's Package Track. Know when a package is received, who received it, when it was delivered, who delivered it and to whom it was delivered.  Collect proof of delivery information for inbound deliveries.
Inventory:Automates Physical Inventories making them quick and accurate. Know where items are located and reduce shrinkage with IntelliTrack's Inventory. Count inventory efficiently.

MCL-Designer is a rapid AutoID application development tool enabling technically oriented non-programmers to develop complex data collection applications.
MCL-Net is a communication program for wireless or Ethernet exchange of files and or data records between the host PC and MCL device.
MCL-Link provides support for wired communication via serial cable or modem and simple point-to-point Ethernet between the MCL device and host PC.   Ideal for sequential communication MCL-Link easily and quickly passes applications, data files, images, or label formats between the device and host.
MCL-BRIDGE to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software. MCL has two ERP Bridge modules. The first is a MCL-R/3 Bridge for SAP and the second is a MCL-BaaN Bridge interface. 
MCL-Voice allows hands free, eyes free operation of your mobile device. With voice-directed distribution workers stay focused on the job—they're not reading a screen, pick list, or purchase order; keying in data; or juggling both product and an input device.