Here are some tools that will assist you in locating the specific media for your requirements. Because BaxTek orders in quantity so the prices reflected in these manufacuring guides may be more than what BaxTek can offer you. As always, contact us for a quote.

Zebra Product Guide: A detailed PDF of the line of media products offered by BaxTek through Zebra.
O'Neil Media Guide: The O'Neil Guide is a PDF format only providing general information of their media products. Contact us for part specific information.
Intermec Media Finder: The Intermec Online MediaFinder is designed to help you choose the take-from-stock product that is most suitable for your application.
Datamax Media Guide: The Datamax Online MediaFinder is designed to help you find your media requirements quickly.
Printronix Media Guide: A simplified media guide in PDF format. Contact us for further information about Printronix media.

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