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  • Case Study: RFIDTagManager for Sams Club
RFIDTagManager allows Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Best Buy and DOD suppliers to easily meet latest RFID requirements for tagging products being sent to RFID enabled locations as well as creating the DoD required electronic Wide Area Work Flow documents for those transactions.  Through point-and-click wizards, RFIDTagManager allows suppliers to setup and configure their RFID hardware and then print and encode compliant RFID labels. EPC Global - Powered by GS1

RFIDTagManager runs as a epcSolutions’ SensorOS application—with the ability to run as a stand alone compliant solution, or fully integrated with your back end systems, such as WMS or ERP applications by Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and others.  

  • Label printing and tag encoding
  • Tag validation/verification
  • Network device monitoring & management
  • Database Management including administrative options
  • Programmatic interface to order import, print and reporting functions via the RFIDTagManager SDK 
  • Generate and Send UDF Receiving Reports required for DoD
  • Import DoD Unique Identification UID data from UID Comply!

RFIDTagManager for Sam’s Club allows Sam’s Club suppliers to easily meet Sam’s Club’s RFID requirements for tagging products being sent to the DeSoto, Texas Distribution Center. Through point-and-click wizards, RFIDTagManager for Sam’s Club allows suppliers to setup and configure their RFID hardware and then print and encode Sam’s Club compliant RFID labels. RFIDTagManager for Sam’s Club runs out of the box in a standalone mode or through consulting services can be integrated with backend systems such as Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and others.


SET UP -  RFIDTagManager Setup Wizard

epcSolutions has designed a Setup Wizard with ease-of-use for the end-users in mind where successive screens guide you through entering all the information you need to configure your entire RFID solution.   The wizard walks you first through the setting up your printers, fixed and handheld readers where you enter IP addresses, label sizes, and antennae settings etc. so the hardware can be provisioned on the network.


RFIDTagManager for Sam’s Club has the Sam’s Club requirements pre-built into the software that willl be used to populate Sam’s Club compliant labels printed for your products.


Select the Sam’s Club RFID-enabled facilities that you ship to and the product shipping scenarios that effect you, such as  homogenous pallets stacked with a single SKU for some products or shipping multiple SKU's on a single pallet.


You can select a label template from the RFIDTagManager label library which has Sam’s Club Pallet RFID Labels for all printers or import custom labels designed by popular label creation software. 

You need to enter a ship from location which often is warehouse, distribution center or a manufacturing plant where products are tagged on the assembly line.

Now you are ready to enter the products that require RFID tags which can be done manually, importing a CSV file or importing product data through GTINManager.  

Sam’s Club RFID Requirements include inserting RFID EPC codes on the labels, so RFIDTagManager asks for the EPC Manager Number provided by EPCglobal.


That's it.  Now you are ready to run RFIDTagManager.

RUN - Monitor & Manage Network Devices

Often, the first thing that you want to know when you enter Run-Time is: "Is everything working properly?" RFIDTagManager allows you to monitor all devices that were configured as part of your network through the Set Up Wizard. Green lights indicate a functioning device, red lights mean that there is a problem.



Monitor Printers and Control Readers

RFIDTagManager shows which printers are online and if the ribbon and printer is functioning and the label rolls are full.RFIDTagManager has a graphic interface that allows you turn on and off all readers and review the readers’ antenna settings.


RUN - Print Sam’s Club RFID Enabled Labels

Most suppliers implement RFID in phases.  Many find it is useful to start off manually printing RFID labels while they learn the technology and what it can do for them or because the volume of products requiring RFID tags is initially too small to justify expensive custom integration.  Moving forward as their RFID initiative expands they are able to understand the best way to direct their integration efforts.




Print Manually or From Imported Orders

Orders can also be manually entered by entering all the required fields in the pick slip or imported in a CSV file which is sent directly to the printer so labels can be printed automatically.


To insure each tag is unique and EPC compliant RFIDTagManager generates tags for each case or pallet that conform to EPCglobal specs that are based on SGTIN’s.  When tags are generated they are stored in the database and each successive tag of each case and pallet will increase sequentially.


RUN - Tag Validation & Verification

Now that the tag has been created, using an RFID reader to read the tag will ensure that each RFID tag is valid before it leaves the tagging facility. If you ship unreadable labels to Sam’s Club, they are going to be returned.   After RFID labels have been printed and applied to boxes they may be damaged in the application and handling process.


RFIDTagManager Validation Screen gives users an easy tool to validate tags.  After an order is printed the EPCs of all labels in the order will be displayed ready to be validated with time and date stamp from a reader.



When the tagged product pass by a reader RFIDTagManager compares the label’s EPC with the EPCs from the labels printed in the last printing. This ensures the EPC has been encoded properly and eliminates the chance of products containing bad tags from leaving the facility.


RUN Mobile RFIDTagManager

To provide maximum flexibility for all operating environments RFIDTagManager can be run on a handheld RFID reader using Mobile RFIDTagManager.   

Tags can be read and saved on the fly with the handheld and sent to the host when in range.




RUN  GTINManager Data Sync
epcSolutions's GTINManager provides a means to store, manage and synchronize product attributes (i.e. GTIN, description, cases per pallet, etc.) with the GDSN. RFIDTagManager requires this information in order to print and encode valid RFID labels. RFIDTagManager can query GTINManager for product information to ensure accurate data is associated to all RFID-linked business processes.