The TraceGains Product Suite
Each company has a unique risk profile and unique profit opportunities. TraceGains six traceability, brand protection, and brand promotion applications to determine which ones best meet your specific needs.

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Which TraceGains applications are right for you?

TraceGains Continuous Compliance

TraceGains Recall Management

TraceGains Profit Optimizer

Monitors risk points in the supply and value chains for compliance with critical business rules.

Identifies root causes of problems and limits recalls to only affected goods.

Analyzes your supply chain and value chain for missed profit opportunities.

TraceGains Attribute Tracking

TraceGains Brand Authentication

TraceGains TempTrace Temperature Monitoring

Maintains full attribute identity across all types of product transformation.

Lets you certify and conclusively prove your brand, marketing, and pedigree claims.

Monitors temperature compliance across logistics events; tells remaining shelf-life at time of receipt.


Easily meet Retailer item-level labeling and traceability requirements.


LabelTrace allows you to label and trace each sell-unit; such as, clamshells, tills, bags, and individual produce items. Consumers can use mobile phones (no special software or downloads required) and PC-based Internet lookups to trace all the way back to the farm field through your own Web site. The LabelTrace trace-back button provides consumers with direct click-through to harvest and pack information.

  • Low startup costs without capital investment.
  • No technology required in the farm field.
  • No fixed costs — Pay only based on usage.
  • Empower consumers to interact directly with your brand Web site.
  • Limit recalls to only affected goods.
  • Protect your brand by showing when you are NOT part of a recall.

M-ClassRetailers provide a tremendous consumer service by aggregating pre-packaged and perishable foods in one convenient location. The service is further expanded by the assurance that products are of a minimum high standard and safe for consumption. TraceGains provides continuous Supplier-Compliance-Monitoring For Your Private-Label Brands. TempTrace™ Monitors Perishable-Viability Across All Logistics Events.

M-ClassAs a food manufacturer you sit in the middle of the food supply chain, turning raw materials into finished goods. Because of the many transformations that raw materials undergo during manufacturing such as mixing, blending, commingling, batching, and re-work, today’s enterprise technology loses track of raw material and ingredient identity. TraceGains puts you back in control, minimizing brand damage and growing profits.

M-ClassPinpoint root causes, Protect against safety claims, and standardize procedures. With TraceGains you can begin to label in the field or the shed, and print out the correct label on a per-case/carton basis. In addition, TraceGains is a fully certified GS1 traceability-standard service provider, helping you to easily and cost-effectively implement and comply with the PMA, CPMA, and United Fresh Produce Traceability Initiative.

M-ClassAs a 3PL service provider, you play a critical role in the food supply chain. With the many transformation that you perform on foods, it is very easy to lose identity and case-level traceability. TraceGains can help reestablish case-, carton-, and pallet-level traceability, as well as keep you fully compliant with the record keeping requirements of the Food Bioterrorism Act of 2002 (Section 306), as well as Country of Origin Labeling (COOL).

M-ClassWith TraceGains you can continuously monitor critical risk points in your supply chain and internal operations for compliance with key business rules. Exception-based alerting lets you know of adverse events so that you can take the necessary corrective or preventative action, and catch non-compliant raw or finished materials before they negatively affect your business. Minimize brand damage, maximize profitability, and protect your brand.

TraceGains Services & Delivery

TraceGains, along with our sister company AgInfoLink (for livestock), has a decade of experience in delivering, implementing, and supporting software-based traceability andbrand protection solutions for Food & Beverage and Consumer Goods companies.

Brand Protection Assessment

Through a highly structured assessment and gap analysis, TraceGains identifies where brands lose identity through transformation and are out of compliance with critical business rules, standards, or mandatory regulations. Depending on the size of the organization, this assessment can focus on all aspects of production, or can be limited to specific production lines or plants.

Once the assessment is complete the client receives a detailed document with all of the findings and can then decide how best to proceed based on the needs of the business.

Rapid Implementation

The TraceGains Product Suite can be deployed and configured locally as a secured appliance or via the Internet as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution. In either case implementation is planned and executed to disrupt normal business operations as little as possible. Additionally, TraceGains makes every effort to leverage any existing information technology that may already be in use to maximize your previous IT investments and ROI, and minimize your time to market and time to value.

Produce Product Suite PDF

LabelTract B2B PDF

Continuous Compliance MonitoringTraceGains Continuous Compliance

Recall Prevention And Disaster Avoidance

The best outcome for a recall is preventing the recall in the first place—real-time alerting and risk assessment adds an extra safety net and layer of brand protection. TraceGains continuously monitors the enterprise, co-packers, contract manufacturers, and upstream suppliers for compliance with your business rules and regulation mandates. With Continuous Compliance and the Risk Assessment dashboard, you bring exception-based management capabilities to the entire organization.

Catch Problems Before You Ship Them To Customers

By selecting high-risk processes and control points for continuous monitoring, you receive proactive alerts for supplier caused problems, often even before shipments arrive your warehouse or plant. The same monitoring and alerting processes are also deployed within your organization, to help you identify and remove errant products before they are shipped to customers.

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Advanced Recall ManagementTraceGains Recall Management

Gain The Ability To Act Swiftly And Correctly

Regardless of the best policies and process, problems sometimes still occur. Without advanced recall analysis solutions, manual investigations can burn valuable days or weeks searching for the source of the problem. In order to minimize recall costs and long-term brand damage, the most important thing is to quickly isolate the source of the problem.

Going Beyond Material-Movement Traceability

In order to maximize track & trace effectiveness, TraceGains also collects all relevant ‘Event’ information along the supply and value chains. Know where something came from, who handled it and when, where it was stored, etc. is critical to analyzing points or causes of contamination or non-compliance.

Minimizing Cost And Long-Term Brand Damage

If a problem does occur this unique solution can minimize your brand damage by using patented recall trace-back and track-forward technologies, and rapidly generating a critical action plan. A recall alert can be initiated within minutes, reducing potentially bad news to one news cycle, and saving you millions of dollars in long-term brand rehabilitation costs. The Recall Detective analyzes critical risk factors, going beyond material movement tracking; the Recall Minimizer provides instant multiple recall scenarios for reduced cost and brand damage.

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Profit OptimizerTraceGains Profit Optimizer

Optimize Your Supply Chain For Product Quality And Profitability

By correlating and analyzing previously disparate data sets in the value chain, only TraceGains makes it possible to connect your upstream inputs, suppliers, and raw materials to downstream outcomes such as product quality or customer satisfaction.

Find Hidden Profit Opportunities

The Profit Detective helps rapidly identify which attributes, events, people, or locations are associated with either positive or negative outcomes. You can then coach or replace poorly performing suppliers and counteract profit-draining events within the enterprise. Additionally, you will also able to perpetuate positive practices internally and throughout the supply chain, to achieve complete profit optimization.

Enhanced Quality Without Enhanced Cost

Consumers demand outstanding and consistent quality in your products. Variability of upstream ingredients and suppliers complicate your task. The Profit Optimizer and Profit Detective provide powerful new tools to make you consistently successful.

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Attribute Tracking Across The Supply And Value ChainsTraceGains Attribute Tracking

Leverage Unused Data Into A Powerful Business Advantage

Common practices such as mixing, blending, batching, and re-work challenge ERP systems to maintain attribute identity. Being able to track critical events and attributes such as hormone injections, pesticide use, or receipt dates across transformative events provides an important foundation for solving many business challenges. Product quality and profitability is improved. Recalls are eliminated or minimized, reducing brand damage and costs.

Critical Data Mining And Analysis

Turning data into actionable business information is made even more complicated when important data are scattered across multiple silos and formats. TraceGains ties all your data together to solve this problem. Through patented processes, TraceGains builds you several data marts that contain data from your disparate sources, and lets you record the most complex material movements and transformations.

TracePorter Service Bus – A secure patented enterprise service bus that collects and normalizes your data regardless of format to connect all the dots and build powerful data marts.

TraceStream Data Repositories – Seamlessly store all the necessary data to reap all the TraceGains benefits. Data can be selectively and securely shared with upstream and downstream business partners, and will rapidly provide all the necessary data in case of an audit.

TraceStations – Wherever necessary—in the field, factory, on the dock, etc.—TraceGains will rapidly and economically deploy any needed new data collection devices, to complete your data string and enable attribute, raw material, and ingredient tracking without losing identity.

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Brand AuthenticationTraceGains Brand Authentication

Promote Your Brand And Prove Your Marketing Claims

Having rapidly verifiable proof of critical brand claims such as ‘Organic’, locale/origin, ‘natural’, ‘Fair-Trade’, etc., is vital to maintaining competitive differentiation and premium pricing. TraceGains’ solution can generate digital and printed certificates to meet stringent import/export requirements and guarantee downstream customers complete brand authenticity.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

By leveraging TraceGains patented secure data optimization technologies, customers can achieve authenticated brand differentiation. A TraceStream Data Repository can be set up for you on a per-client basis, letting you selectively share authenticated data with one party at a time. You can digitally assure customers of your brand claims, and show them the authenticated data in support.

Brand Promotion

Advanced brand promotion from TraceGains takes this a step further by helping you differentiate and market your products. Through consumer-tie-in Web sites and other sophisticated marketing techniques your TraceGains team can help you grow your revenue while solidifying customer loyalty.

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TempTrace™TraceGains TempTrace

Next-Generation Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Correct temperature monitoring at frequent intervals and across loading, transportation, cross-docking, and unloading, lets businesses verify that logistics partners are delivering goods in saleable condition. With TraceGains’ ability to forecast remaining shelf-life at the time of delivery, businesses can significantly reduce perishable shrink and re-prioritize inventory by true expiry date.

By providing you hard data for discussions and negotiations with suppliers or customers, TempTrace can:

  • Reduce rejected shipments, charge-backs, and unsaleables.
  • Protect and enhance brand reputation with your customers.
  • Let you to see temperature the way your product does.

TempTrace Delivers The Most Comprehensive Functionality Available Today

  1. Using years of research and analysis into produce and proteins spoilage rates, remaining shelf life is automatically determined from cold chain temperature profiles captured throughout the process.
  2. Upper/lower limit monitoring and real time alerts.
  3. Advanced statistical analysis and reporting.
  4. Advanced optional ability to trace back and trace forward on individual items subjected to complex processing, packing, and logistical handling involving commingling and product transformations.
  5. Cross-enterprise “Private Data Sharing Network” using TraceGains’ patented analytical and networking technologies. Proven solution that is scalable from the lowest to the highest volume environments.
  6. Web-based Software-as a-Service (SaaS) subscription model drastically minimizes up-front implementation time and expense. TempTrace

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